Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A New Definition of Brain Waves

Brain Waves defined by Webster's Brainwave
Popularity: Bottom 20% of words
Definition of brain wave
: brainstorm 2a
a : rhythmic fluctuations of voltage between parts of the brain resulting in the flow of an electric current
b : a current produced by brain waves
First thing that caught my attention is the Popularity Percent of words.
So... I've decided this is not the only definition of Brainwaves. Look at it as 2 words.. Brain... and Waves. Now. I can grasp this definition because that is the way my mind seems to work. It comes in waves.
Sometimes the waves are large. At other times they could almost be called a ripple. But that's OK, I'm good with that. Because that is when I work at the skill of "Pondering". Like I told a friend Blane, 
Pondering allows a person to keep their sanity...
So... In this great big ocean of minds and thinking out how to make everything "Right"
Let the Great Minds continue trying to figure it all out, just like they've been trying since the start of time...
Me, I am happy right here in my own little pond...
Thoughts and Photo by... Me....
Post Note: Hmmm... seems I may have just found a New Title for another section of my Blogs Site... "Brain Waves."

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