Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Dream

I had a dream.

 In the dream there was a young man and a young woman who had been given the chance to make a world that they felt they would be happy in.

They started with good health, where one didn't have to worry about what was in the foods they were eating nor the air they were breathing. Having Doctors who are not afraid of healing and having drugs they can use without fear of what side effects they may be dealing.

They thought about being able to learn and getting an education just as much and as well as the rich are taught. A way that each could be given a chance to learn without having worry about an education that had to be bought.

They thought about living a life in a way that what they did, meant something not just to them but those whom they met along the way. A way of living that would allow them to sit back and smile about what they accomplished each and every day.

They thought about life among other people, a world where they did not have to worry about their safety while walking down the street nor walking up to another and shaking hands with whomever they were about to meet.

A life of no fears, no needs, nor tears. A life where love, caring, and sharing was believed in by all. A life where they knew for certain each would be around for many, many years.Living on this world in a way that they could leave it without scarring it at all.

Could a world like that be possible? Seems sometimes to much to ask. A world of peace and harmony among all it's beings once and for all. But I think it could, if we all decided it's not really that big of a task... I for one would be willing to give it a try, yea I would be more than happy to take up that call.

Oh, what a great dream that would be to see, one for each father and mother to have. A dream not for ourselves but a dream which I could see we all could do, not for us, but for those after us. If we did so, maybe, just maybe, somewhere in our Children's, or their Children's future, it could really come true.

Please, let's not be selfish.

Let us all live and act for those in the future.

This is my dream, for 2017

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