Sunday, June 26, 2011

Should you listen to the little guy sitting on your shoulder?

Messages from above?

 Yesterday afternoon we were on our way to pick up Syl's car from the dealer after getting some repairs done. I mentioned to her that I had been having apprehensions while driving at four way stops that someone was going to run one and I would get broadsided (my side).

We laughed and kidded that would'nt be a good thing and for me to pay attention and blew it off. We left my van at the dealer to go grab a bite to eat then returned and picked up my van. Sam decided to come ride with me. We made one stop and when we got home Syl was just getting out of the car? I asked why and she said "oh nothing". 

 Later she tells me that on the same street where I had mentioned my apprehension earlier she came to a four way, 1 car was just starting to stop to her left so she started to pull out. She remembered what I had said and looked a second time to the left, from left side of the car that had stopped came a second car about 80 mph blowing the stop sign. She slammed on her brakes and was missed by inches.....

Yes, I do believe.