Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sometimes It's Hard to Keep Quiet

With getting older I find that when I see something going on around me that just doesn't seem right I want to speak out and say... Wait, don't do that.

I want to tell them.  Trust me, I know because I was headed down that path and I know from my own results where that will get you.

So many times I took off in a direction that ended up with me trying to have to take back what I said or fix what I had done.

Isn't it funny how we think we know what we're doing and what it will get us only to find that if we would have stopped first and thought about it, we probably wouldn't have taken that path.

There is the old saying "Don't sweat the little things." But in reality, it's the little things that turn into BIG things before we realize it and then it's to late.

"Oh I'll only do it this one time" turns into a second time and a third until it becomes a "norm" and we don't even realize that "we" have changed who or what we are becoming a "different" person.

I look back now and think to myself... What a fool....  Why did you go there?  What were you thinking." and I shake my head.

There are things that I have done that I know has hurt, scarred and that I have burnt bridges behind me which I know is not a good thing and wish I hadn't done so, but now, all I can say is, that I'm sorry.

With age comes a higher level of understanding of what life is all about I think.  Oh trust I am still learning and will never know it all thats for sure.

So when I see others who are just starting their journey and have so many paths to pick from, I now realize that it is their journey not mine. That they will learn also from their mistakes and actions just as I did.

I guess I have to just say... Be careful, and good luck.....


Onward thru the Fog.....

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Place To Sit and Listen

I don't know why...

The old rural route road sign was almost hidden from sight and the small road went up and over the hill side so quickly that you couldn't tell what was back in there..

 It took me almost a minute on down the highway before I decided I had to go back to see.... It was like it was calling me.  

Way back at the end of the winding country road I came upon an old mill pond with a waterfall under the old abandoned mill shed...

Sitting on the bank.... It was now obvious why I needed to find it.

So, I did what it told me to do....

I sat and listened.

And it told me it's story...

Old Mill Rd. South Central Louisiana