Friday, June 17, 2016


Oh.... If only I had wings....
Lift me up, let my fly...
For those who can.....
Who was given the gift....
So envious of you, am I.
But, It's obvious that I must wait...
I must bide my time....
That I must learn what it takes.,,,
To be given that right....
Maybe later on....
But.. How I would love to fly....
To rise up above...
Looking down to see all the world from a clear blue sky....
To do loops and turns like I see you do.....
Yes, oh how envious of you... am I.
So I'll just have to be happy....
For being given the chance...
To watch you, and be envious of you....
And wait.
Until that time when I too can Fly...

Monday, June 13, 2016

So... That's How That's Done

I stood and watched the young man work his way towards me as I stood on the levee at the end of the flooded rice field. He was so into his work that he hadn't noticed me standing there. I watched as he reached for each "mud bug" pot, pulling it out of the water, shaking the leaves loose then dumping it's bounty into a large bucket that lay beside him in the small boat...
What I thought was a radio turned out to be actually him, singing a Cajun Zydeco song at the top of his lungs. The little outboard engine behind him gave him a rhythm to follow and his voice worked with it's beat.
It wasn't until he looked up to prepare for the turn at the end of the row did he see me there. Without missing a chord he smiled and waved to me and while still holding the last pot in that row in the other hand he steered the little boat with his foot pedals to line up for the next row of traps.
The chugging of the motor and his motions never changed as he slipped the empty pot beside the first pot in the new row and scooped up the new one in a single motion. There was a pause in his voice and a new song was started but with just as much gusto and love of singing as the last.
He never looked back at me, just continued on his way... Just as I'm certain his father, grandfather had done over the years probably on this same field. I realized then that there some things that will never change in these peoples way of living. The love of the land, the love of music, and the love of being part of all of it.
Traditions.... That's what makes a Culture, a Lifestyle, a way of enjoying living.
So... I walked away from there saying "So... that's how that's done."
And I learned something new that day or maybe more then one.
You need to learn something new each day... It doesn't have to be Monumental nor World Changing. Sometimes it's something good about our fellow man. Sometimes it's something bad... Just try and take what you've learned and apply it towards trying to make yourself a better man.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Did You Ever Wonder?

Looking back over your life you have made many decisions.
Hopefully, you can be proud of them.
But have you ever wondered what would have happened if you had taken the "another" path?
What would the effect have had on you, if you would have gone the other way?

What about that very first love of you life?
How would life be if you had said, come, together let's go.
Oh my gosh... Was she really as beautiful as you remember her?
Would she still leave you standing with that great big smile like when she first said "hello".

How about when it was time to decide what you were going to do as job?
What if you had chased that childhood dream job that seem so neat?
Would it have kept it's luster and made you dreams come true?
Sometimes, it makes you wonder, do I do what I really want to do?

What about listening and following the advice of others?
Would it have been better to pay closer attention to what they shared with you?
Did they know what they were talking about?
Or were they're words really meant for you?

But there will always be those questions that linger.
What if I had taken the other path?
What if I gone the other way,
Would it made that much difference?
What kind of person would I be today?

All these question are not easy to answer.
Because your decisions could only have been made by one.
They were your choices and you live with them every day.
And hopefully you can say I made good choices, and I'm proud with what I've done.

I am...