Monday, November 14, 2016

One Definition of Retirement

It's that time meant to do all those things you've dreamed of doing .

Such as:

As a Photographer, that perfect sunset..

For the Treasure Hunter in You, Finding the
Ultimate Diamond..

For the Explorer In You... Finding the Giant Dodo Bird
 that you know is still out there somewhere.

Then Back Home to a nice Easy Chair,
and some good drugs to take the pains away...

Saturday, November 12, 2016

My Sunday Morning Pew

On this Sunday Morning..

No Hymms need sung,

No sermons need done.

We'll sit and talk awhile

 He will tell me how much he loves me 

through my eyes and my heart.

And I will watch and listen...

For what he says and shows me, I know is true...

Lord, Show me your way.

Old Friends and New Friends

Over the last 2 days I have been honored to work on a project regarding a story about 8 Fine Men who have been friends for over 45 years.
Their becoming friends happened while serving aboard the USS Orleck stationed off the coast of Vietnam between the years of 1968 to 1971.
These Men were all members in the same division that manned the Gun Mounts and Fire Control Weapon Systems on the Destroyer Escort which earned the title of the Grey Ghost of the Vietnam Coast where they became steadfast friends while doing their Patriotic Active Service to their Country and continue to be friends today.
They recently learned the plight of the current conditions of the Orleck and they came together with their wives from all over the country to help in whatever way they could.

Spending 2 days brainstorming with the volunteers that now manage the upkeep and daily running of their ship which has now become a Naval Museum they helped in more than one way to help give hope for the life of this fine ship.
They were given their just recognition during the Veterans Day Celebration Friday which was shared with many local members of our community. 

To these fine Men and their Wives we are proud to thank them and honor them for their service and we shout and wave to our new found shipmates as we all go our separate ways.
From myself... Gentlemen... It's been an honor.... sitting, talking with you, sharing tales ad learning more about what it was like at sea a decade before I had the privilege and I as I know many other do. 
I Thank You..  It has been an education. Until next time, "Fair Winds and Following Seas." and God Bless the United State of America.

John C. Glass
Photo Journalist and proud Veteran of the United States Navy
Post Note: The situation regarding the future of the USS Orleck is still one of concern. The months ahead will depend on what we are able to do to gain an upper hand on the financial difficulties of keeping her with us in Lake Charles Louisiana.
Contributions by both donations or by visiting the ship with family and friends allows us to keep her anchored here with us... Spread the Word.. Let others know of the Great Sample of what the U.S. Navy has and still does for our great land.  Come and see us on our Facebook Page for additional information and upcoming events. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

From Now On,,, I'm just along for the ride.

As long as it stays on it's own axis... 

I think our world will survive...

Beyond that,  from now on... 

I'll just be here for the rides. 

I've got a pocket full of quarters that should take me to 
the end of my days whenever that will be... 

So... from now on I'll tighten my seat belt a little tighter, lean back
and watch the world go by...

Because, beyond that,
from now on..

I'll just be here for the rides.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Our Train

November 9th, 2016

I, as all of us have just stepped onto a train that I hope will take us far.....

I hope that the type of fuel you plan on using to make this train continue is of high quality and does not become diluted to the point that it cannot keep the engine running.

I will go on this ride but I will not sit and just read a book. I will watch what is going by and every once in a while probably question if the ride starts switching tracks or starts going downhill.

I hope for all of us that our country will now be able to go forward instead of just sitting in a station waiting for an engineer to put their hands on the controls.

But I also hope that the engineer remembers what kind of train he is running and thinks for and about all the people who are riding on this train and is able to look far enough down the tracks and reacts in a positive manner so he doesn't lose control of our Train.

Because this is a very Big and Important Train and we all are depending on you to get us to where we need to go..

Congratulations Mr. Trump... Our Train is now in your hands...

John Glass
A United States of America Citizen

Monday, November 7, 2016

I Hope It's Not True...

Only 9 more days until our trip to Las Vegas then back to Austin for a couple of 3 days... 
Just hope that the planes are still flying, the banks have not all shut down, the power is still on and that our country is not in total chaos after tomorrow's election results..

Because if you listen to the news.. (which I stopped doing 5 days ago) you would think the world is about to come to an end... No matter who wins.... I'm afraid we're all going to lose, at least our pride as a Nation...

It use to be we were the one's looking at the others saying "Have they gone crazy?" Look at them making fools of themselves."

Kind of hard to keep the ole chin up when our leaders are embarrassing us in front of all the world to see.

For the last couple of weeks I've been looking at "Google Earth". I find it very relaxing, seeing things around our world from above.
 I've looked at other countries and other places and come to realize that maybe, just maybe there are other places where you can enjoy life outside our country. 
Has it really gotten that bad? That it's come to a point that we are so uncertain about our nation that we are considering others as a back up plan?
But then again... That's just my opinion...


Thursday, November 3, 2016

Why, When I Was Growing Up...

It's something that happens when you hit a time in your life, somewhere along the way when you start looking at the way "others" are acting and trying to warrant yourself by sharing how you would like to be judged on.

One of the most used excuses used is..

"Well when I was growing up"...

We taught to honor our Father and Mother wishes...

But you forget to mention that there were times when each of us looked and said... "NO.... I don't want to and won't do that.."


"We were taught to not judge others"..

But we do.. by ridicule, rude remarks, bragging, comparing ourselves to others or refusing to accept the fact that others have their own opinions.


"We were taught that it is not what you have that makes you a better person,  but by what you do."

But we don't,  by trying to keep up with the Jones',  bragging about the "New" whatever we bought, and flaunting your possession in front of others to try and impress them.

"We were taught that it is better to give then it is to receive"

But we don't, because we hold back when we see others who could use our help because it would or could possibly stifle our own wants, or be afraid how "others" would think of you if seen doing so. Or you say "they weren't there for me, why should I be there for them?"

Yes... you can try to warrant yourself by using the statement "Well, When I Was Growing Up."

But wait a minute.  At what stage in life do we get to take the label "Grown Up?"

Because in the real world, I need to be the 1st to admit that ... I'm still Growing Up... Because I still have faults I need to work on.


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Life's Journeys

I think your life should consist of many journeys.

 Some of them you take with those important in your life so you can enjoy them together.

Others,  taken on your own because you are the only one it concerns.

 But no matter what,  all journeys should be eventful, full of turns and curves along the way so you  learn from them.

What a waste of a good journey if you don't learn something from it.

A journey that is taken to just get to the end, is not a journey, it is a task.

It's like driving on a road that is straight with no curves, turns, hills or valleys.

After a while you just stare at the road ahead of you and don't notice what is all around you.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trouble Looking For Trouble

When I was about 14 maybe 15 I was what, my Mom called "trouble looking for trouble".  Now you have to understand, it wasn't that I was a "bad" kid who was going out picking fights, tearing up things or being in-considerate to others, back then, you just didn't do that if you expected to see the light of the next day.  No, I was just real good at being able to get myself in a "predicament" all on my own. Which, 95 percent of the time I was, by myself.

What she was talking about was that if there was something out there that could go wrong, I was the one who could find it and it seemed that was just the way it was supposed to be.    I was the one who had no problem getting up early in the morning, many times even before the sun wasn't even a glow on the eastern horizon yet.  I would quietly slip out the backdoor with a rod and reel in hand and "take off". What this meant was that for the next few hours I could wander across the fields that lead me to the stock tanks and creek that were a couple of miles into the woods behind our house.

Now, that didn't mean that I went directly there or took the shortest route. I, was the one who was filled with curiosity and a questionable need to stick my nose where it shouldn't be stuck. I tried very hard to make certain that I explored every inch, foot and mile from point A to point B.  A hay barn which had just be filled with new hay or a new set of tire tracks on the dirt road that was rarely used or maybe a sound that I heard off to my left that I had never heard before.  Well, it was simple, I had to go find out who, what, when, where, why and if possible, how?

Which were the questions that popped into my head the day I looked up in the top of a Very Large Pecan Tree and noticed a Very Large Nest made of surely every twig, leaf, or usable item of nature that was available, to craftily built a nest in the fork of this tree's upper branches.  Now, who put that up there? Where did  it come from, it wasn't there the last time I walked down this path. What was in it, and of course why don't I just shinny up that tree and answer my own questions.

So, of course up I went.  Now forget the facts that this nest was probably a good 40 feet off the ground, in a tree that looked "un-climbable or that I was all alone if anything were to happen to me if I were to fall.  Those things didn't matter or I just wasn't "thinkin".

So up I go. Now at about the 20 foot level my confidence had grown regarding my climbing abilities.  Duh... of course, these first few feet were easy, great big branches with plenty of support.  But now the climbing was getting a little rougher and you would have thought I would say, "Johnny, slow down, pick wisely." Did I? of course not and it was at about the 26 foot level that the branch under my feet snapped sending me plummeting down, slowed down a little by the branches and limbs I had just mastered and bounce off of until I manage to find Mother Earth with a thud.

I lay there for a couple of minutes, trying to replace the air that had just been knock out of me. While lying, there I made my 2nd big mistake of the day.  I looked back up at the nest and said, to myself, "Your not going to let that stop you are you?  The answer. "Well, of course not."  Dumb answer, I mean a REALLY dumb answer, as I was soon to realize.

So, up I go again, making point at level the 20 foot level, to remind myself, OK STUPID, slow down, which I did. Then, at about the 35 foot level that it hit me.. Johnny, what if there is something alive in that nest? Hmmmm... Ahhh... and I carefully pulled out the pocket knife which I always carried in my bluejeans pocket. Opening it, and clamping it between my teeth so I could have both hands still free to climb I looked up and at the same time grabbed the fork of the tree in which the nest had been built in.

That was at that precise moment when the raccoon (who) which had built the nest, stood up and looked down at me and in a split second, answered the rest of my questions which had got me up there in the first place.  We both kind of froze in time for probably about 5 seconds but what seemed to me was an eternity.  Then the raccoon stepped out of her nest and onto my shoulder, grabbing which I keenly remember, grabbing a raccoon's handful of my hair to better balance herself.

I very quickly proceeded to try to shred all of the skin off the inner sides of my arms since all I was wearing above the blue jeans was a T-Shirt. That was when I came to the only smart idea I had that day I think.  Jump!

As I hurled myself off the branch, while she simply stepped off my shoulder onto the branch where I had just been.  I can remember her looking down at me as I fell with the look and I swear a grin of someone saying "Dummy".  I bounced my way down through the limbs and branches(again) to about the 15 foot level and was fortunate to grab a larger limb stopping my fall.

I lay there clinging to the branch and I whispered a prayer of thanks to the one other, who witnessed all of this and who was probably shaking his head at me from high above. it was at that moment that the raccoon proceeded to try and show me how a living animal can jump from 30 feet off the ground and live through it.  She hit the ground with a heavy thud, kind of like the one that had been done by me just a few minutes earlier.  She lay there for some time, then rose, looked over her shoulder at me, and scampered off into the underbrush to be seen no more... Thank God.... for the second time..

I climbed down the rest of the way and sat against the trunk of the tree easily answering the 3rd to last question of the day.  "Well, bet you won't do that again will you?  It was also then that I noticed the pocket knife lying on the ground a few feet away.  Answering the 2nd to last question of the day. "Why didn't you use the knife up there?" Answer.  Because a knife will not stay between you  teeth, 
while you are screaming at the top of you lungs because a full grown female raccoon (I'm not sure, it was a female, I didn't have time to check, just seem so, your know, how woman have that look in it's eyes when you do something stupid) steps onto your shoulder and grabs your hair, for balance.

After about 2 hours of stopping every 100 yards to pray that I not bleed to death,  I made it home.  It is there where I had to answer the last question of the day and that was from my Mother asking me as I walked through the back door. "Did you have fun today Johnny?"

My answer,  "Yes", as kissed her on the check and stumbled my way down the hallway to my room.