Friday, April 29, 2016

I Tend To Forget How Lucky I Am

 As a boy I didn't realize how lucky I was.  Coming from a cast of six boys, me being the fifth, I was lucky enough to have older brothers who had already grooved a path for me to follow.  They had traveled down the dirt roads and paths along the river banks of the ranch that we lived on.  They had learned the ins and outs of how to find or make "fun" out of the things that were found along the way. Between how to ride a horse bareback while eating a slice of watermelon to milking a cow with a calf trying to steal more then it's portion of its mothers milk.  Learning to become a "boy" was way more easier for me because of their "experiments, experiences and excitement of just being able to have such a amazing environment to grow up in.

If it wasn't for them... I wouldn't have been so lucky..

Later, in High School.  I was lucky enough to have some friends and Teachers who helped me grasp and understand what becoming a young man was all about.  The friends "slowed" me down when I was running to fast trying to become an "young adult".   The Teachers were the ones who realized and took the extra time needed to help me grasp the need for an education when it seemed my head just couldn't hold the concepts in.

 If it wasn't for these.  I wouldn't have been so lucky...

Out of school and on my own, I stumbled and fell twice in two marriages, but was lucky enough to have my family, and new friends, who stood close beside me and helped me back up when I questioned my abilities and my self-worth.  For a while, things just didn't matter very much to me and I swayed more then once down paths that could have destroyed me if not for these people.

Thinking back now I realize that if not for some of them I wouldn't have been so lucky.

Then I joined the Navy and there I learned that I was worth much more then I thought I was worth.  The shipmates, leaders and experiences I went through during that time proved to me that I could be "Good" at something.  I was awarded and recognized for my efforts and I rose up and stood tall again.  I was proud of what I had become and for that time in my life.

 I feel I was very lucky to have given to my country.

Then, I became the Luckiest Person on earth.  I met the "Love of My Life" and she has kept me on track and sane during these years that mean the most to me because she is with me.  Some of you think your lucky and you may be but your not as Lucky as me, because I have her.  

So now.  Thinking back I realized that my Luck cannot be based on what I did, what I have nor what I do.  It's based on what others have done and continue to do for me.

So for those who have been there for me and are still support me and helped me along the way... Thank you for being there, for understanding me and accepting me for what I am...


Friday, April 1, 2016

Ahhhh...To be young again

The other day I was standing on my porch and watched as this young boy traveled back and forth down our street on his small scooter...

 I thought back of the times when the only thing in life that was important was to spend every possible moment of the day enjoying life and having fun. no bills, just thrills, just looking for a new adventure around every corner.

George Bernard Shaw once wrote.. "Youth is the most precious thing in life..To bad it is wasted on the young folks."

I look at it this way. It is not wasted on the young folks.. It only starts when you are young. Being "Youthful" can continue through-out your life if.. you choose to.

Each of us have that right, not allowing time, place nor environment to hold us back from being able to enjoy living.....

Thank you Aunt Edith for reminding me of that.