Sunday, January 5, 2014

By a New Light

Someone asked me the other day how and why I choose my subject matter for my writing and my photography. I tried to explain it this way.

In most cases, how a person views or interprets a "work of art" will be determined by their pre-existing perspective or knowledge of the subject matter.

If a artist presents the subject in a different way other then the "norm" they are only trying to give the opportunity for others to either accept or reject the different thoughts behind the shot.  Whether the viewer/reader likes or dislikes the new "twist" is totally up to them, all the artist is doing is opening a "different door".

I try to offer  "Life Lessons"  through my works in many cases via the description that goes with the photograph.  Sometimes the photograph will speak totally for itself.  Yet at other times, the story that goes along with it is needed to explain the "whole" story or helps to convey the idea.

I guess what I'm trying to get across to others is that we don't have to travel far to enjoy what is being offered to us.  What I'm suggesting is that we need to do just slow down, look around and notice what is, in many case,  right in front of us.

I tried to expain it to a friend once long ago  I took her out into my back yard on a bright and clear late afternoon and I asked her what she saw.  She pointed out the beautiful sunset, the birds going by and how the trees swayed in the light breeze.  All very good observations.

A few hours later, I took her back out into the same backyard, back to the exact place we had stood before,  but was now encased in darkness and I asked her again what she saw.  This time she pointed out the beautiful stars, the lights of the homes across the lake from us and the darkness itself.  Again, all good observations. 

I then pulled out a small pen lite.

I showed her via the "new light" the bird's nest in a bush that sat less then ten feet away from us in both times of the day. Inside were two small, beautiful sparrow chicks which had gone un-noticed by her until I introduced her to them. Over the next week she returned to watch their growth and was there to see their departure from the nest to each find their own ways out into the world.

My friend is now a avid bird watcher and has also found the love of photography itself, where she is able to share her love of them with others.

That... is what I try to with my artwork., use it as a tool to show others how lucky we are to be given the chance of enjoying life by our God and everythng he offers us.