Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Alligator Lips

Excuse Me Sir?
Do You Have Any Fresh Alligator Lips?
I hear that they are really enjoyable
if made a certain way.
Someone told me that a long time ago
But, they must be fresh they say,
no older then this morning’s sun.
Yes… I agree.. Pork is good
and thank you for offering, 

but that’s not what Im looking for today
So, I guess I will just keep asking.
Excuse Me Miss?
Do You have any fresh Alligator Lips?
Yes,,, that’s what I asked about.
No… Chicken, I’ve tried and it is very good,
I like it even better than trout,
those who know and have tried both
say they too agree but that neither are
nowhere near and shouldn't be comapared
to what it is that  I’m looking for.
Is there no one out there who can asnwer my plea?

Excuse me.. Sir?
Do you have by chance any Fresh Alligator Lips today?
Yes.. that is what I request
They say once found and given a try
that I will join those who claim that they're really the best
No? , Well, O.K. Thank You for
taking the time to look for me anyway,,,
No, no don't worry,. Its not your problem
I'll just keep on looking, another time, another day.
I can only hope somewhere,
I  find what I'm looking for.
Maybe then, I will finally understand
that those before me only wanted to help me
and offer me things that could  make me a better man.

Maybe tomorrow….

Onward Thru The Fog…
John C. Glass

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Passion;  A strong feeling or enthusiasm toward a specifc feeling or an activity.

How odd how over the years our passions change.

When we are a very small child we really don't have a passion for any speicific "thing". Thats because we are so busy learnng "everything".  We don't have time to slow down and single out a specific want or need. We just want life to be good and to be happy and to be loved.

Then in our pre-teens we have learned that there are specific things that we enjoy. They are usually activitys that we enjoy doing. They are mainly things that challenge us,  allowing us to find our potentials and capabilitys. We are still learning what life is all about and what makes ourselves "tick". But all the while the basic wants are that our life is good, we are happy, and that we are loved.

In the teen year we have come to understand that there are so many things in life that are attainable that we are confused in figuring out exactly what we want.  So to take a break from the confusion we choose one or two activities to focus on.  In a way it's a way to escape from "just to much to have to choose from".  At the same time, it is usually something that we have found we are "good" at, which helps to identify us. which is what every teenager wants, to be noticed. Because even in this great time of confusion we are hoping that our life is good, we are happy and we are loved by someone.

In our mid-years unfortunatly many of us become so busy making a living, raising a family, and trying to keep everyone else happy that we forget our own passions.  Our work becomes our passions. Unfortunatly too, in many cases we don't realize what has happened to the point that we forget that what we really want is just for our life to be good, that we are happy and want to be share our love.

In our "vintage" years life has finally slowed down a little bit.  The responsiblities are not as many, We have done what has had to be done. We have come to the point that we can start thinking about what we are really enjoy.  Those things are not the same for all of us but thats what is so neat about making it through the years, because now we can again return to doing what makes us feel good, makes us happy and now give us the chance to be loved.  Which is really what we all wanted all along, the three things we have always been passionate about.

So... for you are who are somewhere along the phases and times in you life.  Good luck... I hope that you too reach what we have finally attained.

 It's not going to be easy.. But it's damn well worth it.

"Onward Thru The Fog"

p.s. If my grammer or my spelling is a little off... oh well..  I guess thats not one of my passions.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Frame of Mind

The Past, Present and Future..

I know that I "sit and think" sometimes way to much....

My mind never seems to allow me to just "sit and enjoy"...

I think of:

The past, where I have been, whom I have met, what I have done and in some cases what I shouldn't have done.

 I remember all the places that I have been fortunate enough to visit and what I learned from those excursions.

 I think of the friends I have made over the years, what they taught and shared with me and how I miss many of them due to each of us going our own ways.

I think back about some of the mistakes and stupid decisions I made and I can only hope that I can remember the outcomes and not take those paths again...

The Present, where I am,  who I am with, and what I am doing.

I like where I am and how much I am learning from the local cultures that makes this area so interesting.

 I love the people I am with, some of whom have been with me for many year and a few new friends which all are making my life worth just "being".

 I surprise myself that I am still able to learn new things and new talents which help to make me feel better about myself.

The Future, this is the part that I am so excited about because there is so much that I want to do and share with the most important person in my life, my wife Sylvia...  We have so many plans that we are looking forward to.  She has stood by my side in the past, the present and if I am the most fortunate person in the world the future because, I wouldn't have it any other way...

So actually I guess I should rethink and understand that my mind is not to busy, that it is only allowing me to accept what my life has been what it is and what it will become...

and you know what... I can't help but smile....


Thursday, December 18, 2014


Sometimes... The word 'Aged'
is wrongly used...

Aged only means:

That they have stood the tests of time...

That they have proven they can be relied on...

That they hold a tremendous wealth of knowledge...

That within, there is security....

That even though the outside may be weather worn, scarred and tattered... there is still beauty and elegance within...

Do not take them for granted....

Show them they are still and will alway be loved....

Remember.... someday you...... will be they.....

It's all about family....


Sunday, September 21, 2014

We Took A Walk With Our Father Today

When our Father passed, I sat down and wrote a letter to my five brothers on how I felt about our loss.  They choose to use it as the Eulogy for Dad and I am honored.

When I am feeling low or in need of a hand on my shoulder as I am now,  I think of my Dad because I couldn't ask for anyone better.

I share it with Love, and the hope it finds a place in your heart as it does in mine.

We took a walk with our Dad today, down a gravel road in Hornsby Bend to the house where Sam and Nora raised a family on love and the bounty cultured on hoof and in rows.  He spoke of his love for his parents and what the family meant to him.  He spoke of how they had been raised to respect each other and to always be there for each other.  He spoke of how they had learned the importance of trusting and living their lives according to God’s word.  

He said it seemed it was yesterday.

He showed us a hillside on a cold desolate Aleutian Island where he and a group of soldiers shared a time where uncertainty, duty, comradery, and fear were a part of daily life.  He spoke of wanting  wanting only one thing, to make it safely home to his family and Texas.  

He said it was like it was only yesterday.

We stood on the steps of our Nation’s Capitol as a young lady and her friend walked toward us and how his life changed because of her smile and her wit. He said that he had lost his heart to this Yankee girl and he knew his live would never be the same. 

 He said he could sworn it was just yesterday. 

We rode the horses up the slopes leading away from the river bottom.  Stopping in the shade of a large pecan tree.  He talked about the cattle that grazed on the hillside while their new calves chased each other playfully.  We walked down the long rows of cotton. Dad pulled an open cotton boll and rolling it in his hand mentioned that it was just about time for picking. 

 He looked around and said that if he did'nt know better that he had been in the same field only yesterday. 

We came to the campground in the lower river bottom.  Dad fed Buck marshmallows while Mom finished making supper over the BBQ pit.  Later we boys piled up on Dad in a wrestling free-for-all until Dad “acted” defeated and we ran screaming our triumph and washing our hands for supper.  Later, lying under the stars, we listened to the whip-o-wills calling to each across the pasture and from the other side of the river until we all drifted off to sleep.  Early the next morning Dad woke to climb onto the tractor after a quick breakfast and was off to do his day’s work. 

 Dad smiled and said there was no doubt that all of this happened just yesterday.

We walked through the greenhouses of Travis State School with three or four of the school’s “boys” following their leader with total devotion.  He check the temperature gauge and adjusted the water pump flow.  Then teasingly, he reached out and flicked the ear of one of the boys, letting them know that they were the reason he was there, not the job.  Also, each year, he climbed into the DPS helicopter for the quick trip to the top of the hill and Santa Claus suddenly appeared.  It was his way of reminding us the importance of compassion and helping others who were not as fortunate as we were.  

He looked around and said that he knew for certain that all of that only happened yesterday.

Afterwards, we stepped out onto the front porch of a house surrounded by pine trees and he sat down with that same Yankee girl who had now turned True Texan to enjoy the final years of their lives with their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends and some good quality fishing.  He smile as he spoke of the old times, the good times and even a few of the not so good times. He spoke of what he had learned in life and what he hoped he had passed on to those around him.

Our Dad, always the Faithful Son, a Trusting Brother, the Lords’ Humble Servant, a Proud Patriot, Mom’s Devoted Husband, our Dedicated Father and a Best Friend to many.  Yes Dad, to you it may seem as if this all happened only yesterday.  But to us, the amazing life you led, the faithfulness and dedication to your friends and community and you never-ending love for your family will be remembered forever.

Mom, your best friend is on his way home.  

Sunday, January 5, 2014

By a New Light

Someone asked me the other day how and why I choose my subject matter for my writing and my photography. I tried to explain it this way.

In most cases, how a person views or interprets a "work of art" will be determined by their pre-existing perspective or knowledge of the subject matter.

If a artist presents the subject in a different way other then the "norm" they are only trying to give the opportunity for others to either accept or reject the different thoughts behind the shot.  Whether the viewer/reader likes or dislikes the new "twist" is totally up to them, all the artist is doing is opening a "different door".

I try to offer  "Life Lessons"  through my works in many cases via the description that goes with the photograph.  Sometimes the photograph will speak totally for itself.  Yet at other times, the story that goes along with it is needed to explain the "whole" story or helps to convey the idea.

I guess what I'm trying to get across to others is that we don't have to travel far to enjoy what is being offered to us.  What I'm suggesting is that we need to do just slow down, look around and notice what is, in many case,  right in front of us.

I tried to expain it to a friend once long ago  I took her out into my back yard on a bright and clear late afternoon and I asked her what she saw.  She pointed out the beautiful sunset, the birds going by and how the trees swayed in the light breeze.  All very good observations.

A few hours later, I took her back out into the same backyard, back to the exact place we had stood before,  but was now encased in darkness and I asked her again what she saw.  This time she pointed out the beautiful stars, the lights of the homes across the lake from us and the darkness itself.  Again, all good observations. 

I then pulled out a small pen lite.

I showed her via the "new light" the bird's nest in a bush that sat less then ten feet away from us in both times of the day. Inside were two small, beautiful sparrow chicks which had gone un-noticed by her until I introduced her to them. Over the next week she returned to watch their growth and was there to see their departure from the nest to each find their own ways out into the world.

My friend is now a avid bird watcher and has also found the love of photography itself, where she is able to share her love of them with others.

That... is what I try to with my artwork., use it as a tool to show others how lucky we are to be given the chance of enjoying life by our God and everythng he offers us.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Very Lucky Man.

Many years ago as a young man I worked at a "state school" attending to the needs of the "boys"

These were people who had been sent to, given to, awarded to or sentenced to live a life in a place that is not often spoke of nor recognized by many members of our society.

I once asked a member of this community who had lived there from the age of 11 to at that time 86 if he ever thought of leaving it?

He answered this way...

"Why would I ever want to? Everyone, Everything I know are within these walls. 

All my friends are in here, those
who care for me and love me are here.

My enemys are out there, those who don't want me, don't understand me or even try to care..

Why would I ever want to go outside these walls?   These walls are not my boundries, these walls are my guardians. And I would have it no other way."

I sat and thought about what he said and I started to say "But it's so much better out there! But as I sat there and watched him look out his window enjoying life as he had always  known it, I got to thinking and I asked myself.  Just What is out "there" that makes it so Great?" Distrust, Stealing, Murder, Wars, Hatred, Bigotry, Racism and many, many people who put themselves before others.  A world where what is expected of a person in many cases are guaged by their "worth".

Later our government decided that we could not "afford" the cost of keeping these institutions open.  It didn't matter what was the "best" for these people who had depended on us to take care of them.  Now it was the needs and wants of "us" not "them" that was more important. So we sent many of  them out into the streets of "our" world to fend for themselves.

Years later I watched a man walking aimlessly down a street in the city where that State School had been and for a second I thought it was him.  I circled the block and by the time I got around to the place the man had been,  he was gone.

I realized then I had to know. I went back out to the school grounds and
wandered the cemetary until I found him.

He was still home... He was still safe.. Within his walls of protection... A very lucky man.